Understanding Your Photographers Style

Wedding photography is part art and part science, therefore every professional photographers’ style is quite different and unique. Generally, there are three essential photography styles: photojournalistic, candid and traditional. You will learn that many photographers have the skills and knowledge to shoot all three styles; but it is very imperative to identify your expectations to one of those styles. You are then assured of different styles of photos, and an album, that will show off your wedding just the way you imagine.

The photojournalistic style means your wedding photographer greets your wedding similar to a news event. He or she will be sure to shoot images that tell the story of your occasion from beginning to end. The photographer records your wedding as you planned it, with attention to detail. This style is frequently the least invasive, in that the photographer does not order the flow of your wedding or demand too much of your time for staged photos.

The candid style of wedding photography is quite similar to photojournalistic. A wedding photographer of this style documents the event as it arises, but shoots an ample amount of images of the guests and wedding party interacting naturally, with fewer planned poses.

The candid-oriented photographer will shoot highlights of your wedding: father and bride walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, etc. However, these images may not tell the story of your wedding in as much detail as the photojournalistic style.

The traditional wedding photographer will not only shoot highlights of your wedding, but also naturally has a more portraiture feel. He or she is capable of photographing the bride and groom, wedding party, and family members in formal poses. Expect to spend more time with the photographer if you want more traditional wedding photos. In order to spend quality time with your guests and have time to pose for these traditional photos, make sure you plan your wedding with your photographer.

A very important key to remember is that no wedding photographer will shoot entirely in one style only. The best photographers do understand all three of these styles, but confidently knows one best. You are more likely to reserve a photographer who can shoot in your favored style by working with a multi-photographer studio. The best of these have staff photographers of each three styles, and allow you to choose your photographer rather than him or her being assigned to your wedding.

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