Planned Photos or Candid Shots?

Why not plan for both! It is apparent that photos of the bridal party, family, and wedding decor are taken. But what about those candid shots of the little details? Don’t miss out on what makes your wedding a beautiful day to remember forever. These are your pictures that you get to keep for a lifetime. Why candid? Because you can enjoy the energy and liveliness from your wedding added right on to your collection or album. It’s like living in the moment and that feeling will never go away!

Your wedding story can also come to life with these candid shots and by meeting with one of our professional photographers before your big day. Keepsake photos are guaranteed to be planned for, but going above and beyond to capture those in the moment shots will leave your collection of photos stunning and will bring to your wedding a beautiful story for everyone to see. Imagine what you want your wedding to look and feel like. Talk about it with our experts. Together we can help you plan and enjoy the wedding of your dreams!

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