Kelsie & Bill | Ohio Wedding

When we see the color red, we automatically think of love. Bride + groom Kelsie and Bill looked absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day. They had an outdoor ceremony in Ohio and the weather was just perfect. These newlyweds were so great in front of our cameras, we captured the best moments of them … sharing laughter, hugs, and kisses.

The colors K + B went with were different and unique … they blended in perfectly! We love how the groom stood out in a purple vest and green bow tie, while his groomsmen did the opposite. It was a fabulous idea! Kelsie made a beautiful bride in her white, off-shoulder gown, and that adorable headpiece! Her ‘maids rocked the show for their bride letting her stand out in white, while they each wore a little black dress, making a statement in red accessories. We loved their styles.

Take a look below at their amazing pictures and here’s a great tip for future brides & grooms … don’t be afraid to stand out!

Photographer: Doug

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