How to Rate a Wedding Photographer Before You Hire Them

Wedding photos are a gift people cherish for a lifetime. Usually handed down to generations to come, these pictures observe long hours and serious money spent on planning that one special day.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is by no means something to not truly care about. Ask these important steps to clarify if a wedding photographer fits the job description.

  • Do I Get Reprint Rights?

You definitely want some type of an agreement between yourself and the potential photographer. Many contracts state that the photographer owns the rights to each photo taken on your wedding day. Photographers can use your images for promotion on their blog, website, ads, or submit them for publication. Purchasing reprint rights are very useful if you want to create an album or print images for your own creative ideas. Digital proofs generally have a watermark on them, or their credit, so be sure to ask about your rights before your wedding day.

  • Do I Get to See an Album?

Most likely, wedding photographers have at least two or three wedding albums on hand in order to show off their work. Just be sure to go through one full album from start to finish. Once you’re completely through, request another set of photos from a recent wedding. Look out for the basics; clarity, exposure, color, composition and graininess.

  • Is There a Big Down Payment?

Let’s be bluntly honest, you get what you pay for. However, in order to hire a good wedding photographer, you don’t need to put out a large amount of the equivalent of a down payment for a new car. Upon interviewing different photographers, ask for a quote on the standard package or fee. They should give you a general idea of a package breakdown, as it is very important to find out what’s included.

  • Do I Get an Engagement Session?

This is an important key factor of your story. An engagement session is a chance to familiarize yourself with the photographer before the wedding. You would want to know where your photographer is coming from and through the process, he or she will have a fair idea of what to figure and how you prefer your pictures to be taken. Furthermore, these sessions provide a means of making you and your spouse feel absolutely comfortable and at ease before the big day arrives.

  • How Long Have You Been in Business?

Ideally, you should reserve a photographer who has been in the trade for quite a while. By that we mean, at least a good number of years. Brand new photographers are like a brand new business; they don’t have the background or experience to sit through tough times and constantly operate. Keep an eye out for magazines and do some research on different photography companies. Remember, this is your special day and you want the best photos!

  • Have You Won Any Awards?

One way is to ask your photographer. You could also browse through bridal magazines or the internet where you might come across the potential photographer’s name and the awards they have won, or accomplishments that won them recognition and fame. Don’t be afraid to ask for a certificate or tangible piece of evidence. Your photographer should not have any issues with that.

If you choose a wedding photographer who you get along with, whose portfolio or sample photos you fell in love with, who offers products you want, and whom you feel you can truly trust, your wedding photography experience should without a doubt be a positive one.

The most important decision you will make for your wedding is photography. You owe it to yourself and to your future legacy to invest in reserving a perfect, professional wedding photographer instead of just the cheapest photographer you come across.

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