Emotional Moments With Black and White Photography

Close your eyes and imagine how your wedding will turn out, what colors do you see? Do you see vibrant colors of lighting, or bold accents within your decor? What about your wedding guests’ attire or the little details around your wedding cake? These images are expected by photographers. Brides and grooms imagine their photographers to create those beautiful, high resolution photos of their special day.

According to a wedding industry report, 57% of brides say that the number #1 style of photography is black-and-white shots. Brides and grooms are observing that black-and-white wedding photographs are picture-perfect because they combine a great amount of dimension, and a clarity that cannot be cloned in color. Photographers like to capture shots in black-and-white for artistic reasons. There is even scientific evidence for the distinctive element of black-and-white photos. Because of how your eyes process images, the absence of color makes it much easier for your mind to separate and admire the dynamics and touches of a black-and-white photograph.

There are a number of efficient reasons why you want a photographer who is capable of shooting in black-and-white. Of utmost importance to a bride is that black-and-white photography makes skin tones fairly smoother and helps hide blotchy skin caused by the stress of a frantic day. Science also reinforces the value of black-and-white photography. Your black-and-white wedding photos are printed on special archival paper, and could assuredly last hundreds of years, all the while advancements in color printing still can only preserve those images for approximately 50 years.

Capturing the most cherished moments requires a wedding photographer with the experience and attention to detail to bring fine art quality to those images, even with all of the benefits of black-and-white photography. When the time comes to interview and reserve a photographer, make sure to ask if he or she can shoot in black-and-white and insist on seeing a few of their printed samples. It is also a great idea to involve one or more photography studios with multiple photographers in your selection process. You are more likely to find a variety of photographers with black-and-white experience along with the samples to prove it. Additionally, the most professional multi-photographer studio will allow you to reserve your photographer, so his or her style matches perfectly with your wedding theme.

By including black-and-white photography of your precious moments, you are creating a refined timelessness that your children, grandchildren, and future generations will be able to delight in. It all starts with selecting a trusting and professional wedding photographer.

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