Dealing with a Camera-Shy Fiance

The most important part of your wedding day is the memory that will last a lifetime. Our talented wedding photographers can help make that memory last forever, but only with the help of a bride and groom who are comfortable in front of the cameras! It’s true, ladies might know how to work in front of a camera, but men can sometimes be a bit shy. Not to mention all of the lenses being focused on the two from morning to night, we understand this can be a total fright.

You’ll find some great tips below to help get your groom to relax his nerves in front of a camera and to let loose and have a blast on the wedding day.

  • Establish a Trusting Connection

Not only should you be the one to have fun at your wedding, but so should your photographer. Try to build an atmosphere of trust and ease with your photographer.

Your photographer should be more than happy to help; considering they are trained to make clients feel relaxed and stress-free. Trust the photographer, as they have a strong attention to detail and will help create your beautiful story through the camera lens.

Planning a pre-wedding photo shoot is one great way to establish a relationship with your photographer. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple informal engagement session to snap a few shots and help ease your groom into feeling comfortable with a camera in front of him. Trust the experts, once a few photos are taken you will be just fine and ready for your wedding day!

  • Go With the Flow

Candid photography is the best way to get things going. Keep in mind however, you still need to get down to business and focus on posing. Let your photographer do the serious work. All you have to do is get your groom to understand that the photographer is framing the shot to showcase the two of you in a perfect way imaginable. Try something out of the blue to help your groom to relax more … cozy up and whisper sexy love messages in his ear. That should do the work!

  • Forget About the Audience

What audience? Don’t pay attention to them, after all, they are just admiring the beauty of a bride and groom! Focus on your partner if you have a fear of being photographed in front of people. Laugh, make some jokes, talk to them, and try to act how you normally do together. Doing so will help to relieve any tension of people watching you and also lets your photographer capture those picture-perfect shots. Be yourself and if needed, grab a drink or two to help him get in the groove.

  • It’s Not Just About the Smile

Your groom has probably caught on to the fact that photographers are continuously asking couples to smile throughout the entire session. You don’t have to smile for every shot in order to get good photos. You can definitely get some great looking shots without smiling which will add to your photos more depth and charm. Even if smiling is not your groom’s strong suit, don’t try to force it, that will only look unnatural and can make him feel awkward.

  • Get Romantic

Turn on romance mode! Tell your groom to focus more on your eyes and kiss you on the cheek or neck while you look into the camera. Move around him and embrace him from behind, ask him to turn and gaze deeply into your eyes. Don’t worry brides, this works great the other way around as well. Intimate moments like these can seem difficult to display for a camera-shy groom or fiancé. Remember not to put too much pressure on your groom, keep it light and have some fun!

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