Dealing with a Camera-Shy Fiance?

How do you get your groom to open up on one of the most important days in your life when he should be looking his absolute best?
We’ve cooked up a few tips in this article to get your groom to relax his nerves in front of a camera and just have a blast on the big day.

Establish a connection

Try to establish an atmosphere of trust and ease with your photographer. Your photographer should be more than glad to help you out; after all he’s trained to make his clients feel as relaxed as possible, while being able to express his thoughts through the camera lens.
A good way of establishing a relationship with your photographer is to plan a pre-wedding photo shoot. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged photo practice session, but simply an informal engagement session to take a few shots and ease your groom into feeling comfortable in front of a camera.

Just go with the flow

Candid photography is a great way to kick things off. Keep in mind though, you’ll have to get down to a little business and focus more on posing. Leave it up to your photographer to do the serious work. All you have to do is get your groom to acknowledge that the photographer’s framing the shot to showcase both of you in the best way imaginable. This should help him relax more. Cozy up and whisper something sexy in his ear. That usually helps!

Forget about the onlookers

You might have come across many jokes or seen in movies how they tell you to imagine the onlookers standing around naked, just so that it helps you feel more at ease. Let’s take a more realistic approach:

Since being photographed in front of people is clearly one of his fears, ask him to focus more on you and try to neglect the surroundings. Draw all his attention, make jokes, laugh together and act how the two of you normally do when in each other’s company. Get a drink or two to help him get in the groove.

It’s not just the smile

Your groom’s probably caught on to the fact how photographers are constantly asking couples to smile non-stop throughout the session. You don’t have to smile for every single shot, it isn’t mandatory in order to get good photos. You can certainly get some great-looking shots without smiling that still look completely natural. Smiling may not be your groom’s strong suit, and it’s just going to look unnatural, even a bit awkward, if it’s forced.

Get romantic

Try tapping into “romance mode”. Ask your groom to focus more on your eyes, kiss you on the cheek or neck as you look into the camera. Move around him, embrace him from behind and ask him to turn and gaze deeply into your eyes. This works great the other way around too. You might sit down with the photographer and get to know him a little. Intimate moments like these might be difficult to display for a camera-shy groom.
Don’t put too much pressure on your groom, keep it light and just have fun!

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