Choosing the Right Wedding Album Design

You cannot stop obsessing over how beautiful your wedding was, and how your honeymoon was just perfect. To top it off, your photo proofs turned out to be even more beautiful than you imagined, thanks to your outstanding wedding photographer! The excitement you feel today after seeing your photos could be gone next year, that is however, if your wedding album does not portray and preserve your memories with the highest values of quality. You might think your wedding photos are breathtaking, but without the perfect design of your album, your once in a lifetime wedding story cannot be told the way you imagined it.

Most professional photographers understand that there is a two-part process in doing their best: photographs and album design. It is important to ask the photographers you interview to show you samples of the albums they offer, and with photographs, so you can view his or her finished product. Don’t just focus on the total look of the sampled albums, but inspect the details:

  • Does the photographer offer a variety of album binders?
  • Are the leather albums handmade and high quality?
  • Do the pages easily turn and lay flat?
  • Are the pages thick PVC and assured against warping, peeling or cracking?

These questions will help to determine the physical quality of the wedding photo albums any photographer may offer to you, but the most important characteristic of any wedding album focuses on the design of the page: the number of photos per page, their positions, graphic elements, background color, etc. Your wedding album can be designed from scratch to compose a personalized presentation of your once-in-a-lifetime event. You want to choose a wedding photographer that offers custom wedding album designs in order to achieve that look.

Designers specializing in creating custom albums are skilled and experienced with telling the story of your wedding with a unique, beautiful and exciting style. Most brides and grooms like a simple, modern look. The contemporary elegance of this design needs no additional design element, as each image is clearly seen against a black or white page. Wedding albums that are custom designed also include many options:

  • Subtle color accents enhance the clean, modern design and help to highlight detailed photos.
  • Background images can be added to the page surface to indicate a specific part of your wedding’s story.
  • A variety of photos can be combined into a single, powerful story-telling element, using faded edges and other enhanced design techniques.
  • Brief text can be included in beautiful fonts to bring to life the emotions and joy of your wedding for all who view your album.

Although many individual photographers offer custom album designs, do not forget to check with established photo studios that have multiple wedding photographers on staff. Because of the challenging demands of their clientele, these studios often include custom album designs in their total photography packages and may allow you to reserve the photographer that you feel will do the best job to create a precious, personalized story of your wedding.

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