What are your prices on wedding photography?

All of our wedding photography prices are posted on our website so you don’t have to spend time going to endless meetings with wedding photographers just to find out if you can afford their photography packages.

How can my friends and family purchase wedding pictures?

Using the link that we provide for your friends and family, they will be able to purchase wedding photography products online such as:

  • Wedding Picture Prints
  • Wedding Portraits
  • Wedding Albums
  • DVD Slide Show of the wedding pictures of their choice
  • Custom Wedding Pictures
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Canvas Prints
  • All wedding photography products can be purchased with a credit card using our online service.
Can my friends and family view the wedding pictures after the wedding?

Yes! You can give your friends and family a website link to view your wedding photos online. Additionally, your wedding photographers can hand out personalized wedding event cards featuring your engagement photo and a link for your friends and family to view your wedding photos online. The cost for these cards is $30 per 100 cards.

What happens after the wedding pictures are put online?

After you review the online wedding proofs, you can move the wedding pictures that you choose into your favorite’s folder on our online system. Notify Birch Photographers that you have chosen the pictures for your wedding album and we will then begin working on your wedding album. Within 15 days you will be able to view your wedding album custom design online. Once you approve of the final wedding album layout, your wedding albums will be shipped to you within 6 weeks.

How long must we wait to see our wedding pictures?

Your wedding pictures will be available for online viewing within 30 days after the wedding. Your wedding photos remain active on our online service for 365 days. If an extension is desired, we can accommodate.

What happens if the wedding photographer that we choose becomes seriously ill or unavailable due to an emergency?

At Birch Photographers, we have a large staff of wedding photographers – and all of them live in or near the cities we are located, so we will always have a fully-qualified, experienced professional wedding photographer available to photograph your wedding day.

When I decide to register with Birch Photographers, how do I pay for my wedding photography and wedding albums?

We have 3 methods of payment for your wedding photography:

1) Pay in full
2) Half down initial payment, half down 30 days before the wedding,
3) Our most popular method of payment for your wedding photography is the Interest Free Payment Plan. You make a $99 down payment on the day you decide you want to book our wedding photography services. You can then pay the balance of your wedding photography package in equal monthly installments, from the time of booking until the month before your wedding.

Do I have to register at the wedding photography appointment to get the specials posted online?

No, if you tell the Wedding Photography Consultant that you are interested in our service, we will send you a Wedding Photography Agreement to review while we hold your wedding date for three days. This will give you time to review the Wedding Photography Agreement and make sure our services are a good fit for your wedding.

How do I know which packages are right for me?

You can schedule a “no obligation” phone consultation. During your consultation, you will meet with one of our Professional Wedding Consultants to review the sample wedding albums and the contents of each wedding photography package. The best way to schedule a wedding photography consultation is to visit the schedule a consultation page on our website, and a wedding photography expert will contact you to confirm your appointment.

I was promised a second photographer. Do I choose 2 photographers from the website?

You select 1 photographer. We rely on our photographers, who are highly professional, to choose their own second photographer. They choose someone equally as professional who works well with them; shares their style of photography; and uses compatible camera equipment.

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